About us

FENIXFOOD SL was established in the middle of 2021, but has a professional experience of more than 40 years in the food production, distribution, certification and safety industry for conventional and organic products, where we have also been present in some certification organisations, so by working directly with organic producers, selling to supermarket chains, we know the whole process from production to the consumer.

This experience is the one we want to pass on to all our producers in the different countries where we work.

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New developments from FENIXFOOD

In FENIXFOOD we are concerned to put all the producers of the Agrolulo Group in contact with each other. For this purpose, we hold conferences and meetings, where we share cultivation systems, pruning, technology, fertiliser systems, etc. and solutions to problems are sought to the problems that arise.

We collaborate with some companies with ozone technology. We have already sent some machines to be installed in the cold chambers in Honduras, in order to disinfect all the chambers and the products inside them.

Ozone machine

Below you can see the difference between a root affected by nematodes and what it would look like after the application of ozone.

We collaborate with manufacturers of ozone machines, which are installed by the producers in their cold room and irrigation head installations, and in this way can be disinfected throughout the process from the plant to the exit of the product.